Sourdough Roll

Cooked in stone oven,

Stuffed with mozzarella cheese and smoke provola,

tomato and ball sauce

Cooked in stone oven



Shrimp Carpaccio

Cooked in lemon tea,

light passion fruit sauce,

avocado, hisbiscus salt



Grilled Octopus

Light marinade,

mint vegetable caponata

Cooked in charcoal oven



Tempura Shrimps

Chipotle mayonnaise



Beef Fillet Carpaccio

Cured in red wine and sea salt,

creamy mushrooms, truffle oil,

mature sheep chesse



Smoked Picaña Roast Beef

Tonnata sauce, arugula



Prosciutto Di Parma and 

Bajio Cheese Selection

Picled vegetables, fried gnoccho,

and green tomatillo jam



Artesanal Charcuterie Selection

Cured Bondiola, Aged Ham, Guanciale,

Longaniza and Salami, Tomato bread,

Olives, Pickled vegetables






Organic salad, chard,cucumber,

black olive, creole tomato, fresh goat chesse and oregano, lemon citronet and honey




Grilled Caesar

Romaine lettuce, light anchovy dressing, mature cheese, crispy pork belly, croutons

Cooked in charcoal oven




Candied walnuts, mozzarella cheese, fresh mint





Grape tomato, kalamata olive, basil pesto





Buffalo mozzarella, heirloom organic tomato,

extra virgin olive oil






Spinach Soup

Spinach, basil and toasted pine nuts



Roasted Tomato and Natural Burrata



Pasta & Risotto


Risotto With Asparagus



Linguine with Pacific Clams

White wine sauce and fresh tomato



Rigatoni Puttanesca and Burrata

Fresh tomato sauce, olives, capers and anchovies



Tajarin, Shrimps &


Basil pesto, shirmp and mixed mushrooms



Spinach Pappardelle

Dried tomato and pork belly



Wholemade Ravioli

Stuffed with Mozzarella and zucchini flowers, rustic tomate sauce




Au Gratin Bolognese Lasagna

Gratin with selected beef ragout, bechamel sauce and parmesan cheese



Mezza Luna Pasta

Meat filling, mascarpone cheese sauce, black truffle





Gulf Jumbo Shrimps

Cooked in Himalayan salt block, holy leaf pesto, seasonal salad



Grilled Fish Fillet of the Day

Clams in withe wine, capers, sautéed spinach

Cooked in charcoal oven



Roasted Salmon

Marinated in honey, soy and sesame oil,

grilled vegetables

Cooked in charcoal oven



All’Acqua Pazza Fish

Fish of the day between 600gr – 1kg

Baked, with tomato, potato, white wine

———————————$120 x 100g




Roasted Cornish Chicken

With lemon, garlic and rosemary au gratin potato



Grilled Pork Chop

Passion fruit, grilled vegetables

Cooked in charcoal oven



Roast Back Ribs

Cooked at low temperature, meat jus and green pepper, mashed sweet potato



Black Angus Fillet Steak

Marrow sauce, Red wine, asparagus

Cooked in charcoal oven



Lamb Ribs

Served with rosemary potatoes and yogurt sauce

Cooked in charcoal oven



Charcoal Fiorentina


Pcs. with bone 1 y 1.5kg

Baked marinated potatoes

———————————$165 x 100g




Orange Crème Brûlée



Semi bittersweet chocolate, saffron root ice cream

Preparation time 12 minutes



Tabasco Chocolate Mousse

Vainilla sauce


Classic Tiramisu



Fraiser Pie

Strawberry Tart


Cranberry Tart

Served with amareto ice cream and white chocolate


Orange Crème Brûlée


Dessert Tasting

Fraiser, blueberry tart, Chocolate Mousse, Tiramisu


Homemade Italian Gelato (1 scoop)

Stracciatella, Coffe, Chocolate, Pistachio, Vanilla, Seasonal Fruit Sorbet